Tip 9 Get a life outside of just attracting women

Attracting women should just be a part of your life, it shouldn't CONSUME your every moment.

Having interests, hobbies, passions, outside of just attracting women makes you far more attractive since you will come across as multi-dimensional, intriguing, and also more challenging.

She will have to compete with your other interests to win a place in your life. Don't wait to find a special woman before you begin pursuing all your other goals.

Think about what you enjoy MOST and then do that on a grand scale.

If you don't have any passionate hobbies yet, then explore various activities from rock climbing to archeology to wine tasting.

The more passionate you are about your hobbies and career, the more women will want to be a PART of your life, but if a woman sees you have no life and that she will be ALL your life, she will not want ANY part of it.

The irony is bitter, but true.

Never abandon your passions and interests, even if a woman pressures you to do so, for in fact your passions and lifestyle are part of what attracted her to you in the first place, and are a vital part of KEEPING that attraction burning bright long term.

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