Tip 9 Should you ever try to win back an exgirlfriend

This depends on the terms and situation of the breakup. If she initiated the breakup, the man needs to back off completely. Chances are that he made the mistake of being too insecure or clingy with her, and failed to demonstrate true Alpha Man traits when he had the chance.

Once a woman's attraction has been lowered to the point where she breaks up with him, it's rare that she's going to return. (Usually, this only happens when she hits a bad spell of insecurity and nostalgia.)

Again, as we spoke about with the "friends" situation, a man could get 5 new women for every ex-girlfriend he tries to regain.

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This is a symptom of "one-itis," where a man believes that this woman is "the one" for him. He's blinded by insecurity and scarcity thinking. He has to root out the behaviors that created this situation first, and get his manhood back in place first.

Pursuing an ex without repairing the fault is like pulling off the road when your car overheats, and then trying to start it up and drive it right away. You have to find out why things went wrong and fix them or you'll blow it all over again - perhaps for good.

The only situation where it may make sense to get with an ex is when the man broke it off with her, and he decides it's worth trying again. Not because he couldn't find anyone else, but because he now understands that she was actually a better fit than he originally imagined.

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