To get a visitors visa the applicant should prove to authorities that she does not have immigration intent if she has she is NOT eligible for a visitors visa

So if she applies for a visitor's visa and tells honestly about her situation, she will be refused - and if she lies, this can hurt her future chances of receiving an immigrant visa later to join you on the permanent basis (besides, lying under the oath is a crime).

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Think about it from the point of view of an immigration officer: does this person have a high probability to desire to stay in the country?

This depends on the person's situation at her home country. If she is young and single and has average salary and little property, then this person has a very high probability to desire to stay in your country - especially is she is in a romantic relationship with the citizen.

If she is old and had 4 dependent children and owns a restaurant, a hotel and a few other businesses, then she may be granted a visa - this person has very low probability to desire to stay in your country.

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