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Hi, my name is Michael W, of TheDatingWizard.com, and I'm excited to share some powerful tips with you.

For the past year, I've been taking guys out to malls, clubs, taverns, bookstores, grocery stores, cafes, and even the street to actually show them how they can pick up women for real.

Guys observe what I do first, and learn how to get instant dates, numbers, emails, and even how to take things to a physical level within minutes of meeting a woman.

What you are about to read are some really effective field-tested tips that are responsible for these incredible results in the real world.

I hope you enjoy these powerful tips and I invite you to come check out more of my material and services at http://www.thedatingwizard.com

This has always been the nuclear core of my entire philosophy for success when it comes to attracting women. Women do not want wimps, and do not want men who cry regardless of what they say.

When I say be THE MAN, I mean to exude the aura of superiority in every way possible, from the way you dress to the way you speak, and most importantly, the way you THINK and FEEL.

Most guys misunderstand the meaning of being THE MAN.

Being a man does not mean to act in a cartoonish hyper-macho fashion.

What it does mean is taking responsibility for your life, and for your emotions. You must be in control of your life and your emotions so that you are not a "victim". This all traces back to evolutionary reasons for sexual attraction and survival of the fittest.

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Men who come across as "victims", or who are cry-babies, throw anger tantrums, or who constantly find negativity to harp on trigger women's biological alarm that says, "DO NOT MATE WITH INFERIOR MALES OR YOUR CHILDREN WILL BE INFERIOR AS WELL AND WILL NOT SURVIVE, LEADING TO THE EXTINCTION OF MY GENES."

I want to repeat, that this does NOT mean to go approach women as if you were The Terminator, although you would be better off with that attitude than the whiny pathetic attitude of most men today.

You will come across as even STRONGER and more superior than anyone if you adopt the attitude of NOT BEING SO SERIOUS when it comes to chatting up a woman or taking her for a coffee or even having sex with her.

So be playful, have a confident sense of humor and bust and tease on women in a GOOD NATURED way, not a mean spirited way. Think of how you would behave if you were NOT WORRIED AT ALL about her reaction to whatever you would do.

Stop worrying about her approval, because the more she sees you are living in the shadow of what she thinks of everything you do, the more she will think you are a prime grade A INFERIOR MALE.

The reason for this is because a woman knows that if you are REALLY TRULY DESIRABLE, then you should have PLENTY OF WOMEN to choose from, in which case you could not possibly take any ONE woman too seriously before even getting to truly know her.

But do most guys do this?

No - what they do is give women all the credit and give away all their power to her right off the bat.

The second they go up to a woman, they are already implying that the woman is superior and that they are inferior by showering her with compliments and buttkissing body language such as leaning in on her and hanging on her every word.

Instead, they should be more playful, and only be serious when it comes to LEADING the show as THE MAN - so for example, you must remember that it is up to you to take action, to initiate, and to escalate the situation for a coffee, a kiss, or sex.

However, in between these stages, you should be very playful and not take the whole interaction as if it were a thermonuclear war.

It critical to remember that in order for a woman to feel FEMININE, she must be with a man who is MASCULINE. If you do not behave in a masculine manner, a woman cannot imagine you fulfilling her sexual needs.

It is as if you do not exist in a sexual dimension unless you make it clear that you are indeed masculine.

Think yin/yang here.

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So deepen your voice a bit, and speak clearly, because chances are you are right now speaking in too high a pitch out of FEAR and a submissive mentality to women, which most women will find REPULSIVE.

The same way you might be talking in a Mickey Mouse voice around your father when you were a kid and he was this scary authority figure, that's how you are probably talking to women, so stop it, because she wants YOU to be HER authority figure, although she will never say it, and you must be careful not to ever be CONTROLLING, but you must be dominant.

You must make the decisions where to go out for your dates most of the time, even going as far as telling her what to wear sometimes just to show her you are not a submissive wimp and that you have standards.

No matter what she SAYS, she will love you for being THE MAN, and DETEST you for being anything else.

Again, the only problem guys have with understanding this is that sometimes they go too far in the sense of acting overly macho and pretending they are ROBOTS, with monotone voice like stone age men, which is a big mistake.

The idea is to be THE MAN who is also a playful, passionate, exciting guy.

Now, obviously this is a HUGE topic, which I deal with in great detail in my books and seminars, but let me share with you a CRITICAL aspect of HOW to become THE MAN, which leads me to...

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