Your chance to receive a positive answer to your letter is about 10 more if you are young handsome and athletic less if you are not good looking or more than 15 years older than her

So to secure 1 positive answer (assuming you meet her requirements) you need to write at least to 10 women. The newer the profile, the better is your chance to receive an answer.

It is certainly NOT a good idea to write to only one woman. Even if you have a favorite, pick up a few that sound alright, and compare their responses.

You will see the difference: one person only writes short notes and hardly answers your questions, and another writes long, thoughtful letters that answer your questions in great detail. Who is more interested in you?

Summing it up: Answering women's ads gives you flexibility in the way you present yourself. You need to understand that not all the women will answer your letters -but the women that really liked you, they will. Write to several women to compare their responses and see who is more interested in you.

it's indeed not fit her

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