Another patternlike approach Odious ASF

""Excuse me (to get her to stop) I just wanted to say thank you."

Her curiosity bells just went DING. She'll almost inevitably ask why, though it is ok if she doesn't. Move into standard mirroring and rapport building techniques as you continue...

"Have you ever had one of those days where, you find yourself feeling sort of aloof... you're not really happy, but not really sad either... you just feel like your adrift. Then suddenly you find you bump into somebody with an incredibly warm and beautiful smile that just makes you feel wonderful for the rest of the day?"

She will almost surely smile more at this point, or give some degree of positive response.

"So, I just had to thank you for brightening up my day... Though, you know it would be a shame if this is the last time I'll see that wonderful smile... what's your name?""

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