Approaching and making them interested

Where to meet girls - the most popular places for a pick-up.

If she seems unapproachable - then maybe everyone thinks so... and she's all alone. General guidelines on approaching - a few pointers and examples to get you started. Demonstrate value and personality - the basic premise of seduction.

The importance of a first impression - or relative unimportance, depending on whether you're an AFC or a PUA:) Pace and lead - and demonstrate understanding to increase rapport.


Simple approaches - examples of various conversational approaches.

The cold approach - not a good approach, unless you combine this with the GM style.

The collision approach - either let her walk by... or "bump" into her:)

The available chair approach - that empty chair next to a HB looks inviting...:)

The crappy sketch-artist approach - because women like artists right?:)

The dramatic approach - catch everyone's attention... including her's:)

The cellular approach - to choose any topic of discussion.

The familiar approach - act like you already know her, or fool her into thinking she knows you:) Pez opener - a really "sweet" opener by Mystery:)

You look stunning approach - Ross Jeffries' classic, careful though, not intended for use with the 9s and 10s:) Pacing the ongoing reality - a simple way to get instant rapport. Should I buy her a drink? - read why you'd better avoid it.

Should I ask for her name? - so that you'd know what name to yell when you're sleeping with your hand?:)

Leech off someone else's crash and burn - anything is fair in love and war:)

If she is working - a waitress, a nurse, a girl at the cashier - this one is universal.

If you just have to use a pick-up line - they suck, unless you show you know they suck.

"I like..." game as an opener - you can use this one anywhere.

Mr Smooth technique - the game-show host style technique of a Japanese PUA explained step by step. The questions game - a shortcut to sex-talk and kissing.

Gimmicks - palm-reading

Use a gimmick to get going - handwriting analysis, tarot cards, palmistry - "crap" you say?:) Palm-reading - why should you use it? -

Reading the lines in general - a do-it-yourself guide to becoming a gypsy:) Reading the line of Fate - yes please:)

Reading her love-life - uuuhh... sounds interesting:)

Reading the line of Heart - good, good:)

Reading the mount of Venus - oh no... where is that?!:)

A sample reading routine - a few examples to give you the general idea.

Night-clubs and dancing

Night-clubs vs other places to meet girls - a few words of warning.

How to switch to the right mindset - set yourself apart from "death row".

Asking for a dance - just honour the traditions. If you want to get nowhere:).

About dancing - unless you have the skills of a back-up dancer, don't waste your energy.

Slow dancing - an exception to the "don't waste your energy rule" above:)

Fast dance to slow dance - a superiour technique of transitioning to a slow-dance no matter the music:) After the dance - now that you've got her, don't let her slip away.

Group tactics

If she is with a friend - or even worse, a group of friends? How do you approach? Approaching a group of many girls - a simpler strategy for approaching groups. How to have her leave the group - a passive strategy... but still pretty good:)


Neghits explained - Mystery shows you what gets you the attention of the most beautiful girls. Neghits expansion pack - some additional advice on using neghits and a few examples.

Eliciting values

Eliciting values explained - become the man of her dreams, just by talking to her:) Trance words explained - say it in her own words (also relates to Patterning). Calibrate the girl - and you can read her like an open book.

Eliciting values - introducing the questions - how to ask the questions without sounding obtrusive. Eliciting values - the questions - so what questions should you ask?

Eliciting values - the answers - now that you know her values, it is time to talk about "yourself":) The perfect relationship - a simple value-eliciting scheme.

GM style

GM style explained - I bet you won't believe that this actually works:) Well, it does:) GM style lines - completely outrageous!:)

GM style expansion pack - a continuation of the GM style, links to appropriate articles. Sexual talk

Talking about sex - a few words of warning.

Use sexual stories to get her horny - can you get away with it? Or, can she get away... without a wet spot in her pants:) The Ideal Guy routine - no matter her interest for you, use this to get her horny (and be around when that happens:).


Patterning explained - the essence of Ross Jeffries' Speed Seduction. Delivering patterns - general rules - the most important aspects. Delivering patterns - tonality - the right way to do it.

Additional patterning skills

Trance words explained - say it in her own words (also relates to Eliciting values). Anchoring explained - the Pavlov's reflex of seduction:)

Quoting and stacking realities - you can get away with anything using this (also relates to "Sexual talk":)

Time distortion - how to make a girl you just met feel like you've been friends forever:)

Bullshit fantasies - a powerful application of time distortion (relates to Time distortion).

Thought binding - an excellent article by Ross Jeffries.

Submodalities - an explanation plus an excercise in removing hesitation.

Read romance novels to enrich your patterning language - the cause justifies the means:)

Common misconceptions and problems with patterning - and how to overcome them.

The patterns

Introducing patterns into a discussion - without sounding unnatural. Also how to approach.

Discovery Channel pattern - "the ride goes up and down and once you get off, you want to come again and again":)

Stone Necklace pattern - tell her a breathless/speechless-making story:)

The Trust pattern - alleviate her most common fears.

The Rose patterns - and she'll be obsessed with you:) 3 patterns.

Believing the Supernatural patterns - "destinies", "higher beings", "chi energies"; feed her with her favourite food:)

Passion to Passion pattern - shift her passion from "something" to "someone".

Mental Screen pattern - "close eyes, imagine great feelings, open eyes, see... me?:)"

Peak Experience pattern - exchange peak experiences with her.

Natural Woman pattern - show her you know the secret and natural side of her.

Meeting the Perfect Man pattern - and she'll feel what its like... in your presence:)

Feeling Drawn patterns - descriptions of initial attraction plus examples of using vague language. 4 patterns.

Incredible Connection patterns - the classic and its various derivatives. 12 patterns.

Falling in Love patterns - make her feel the feeling of falling in love:) 7 patterns.

The Dream pattern - help a girl have dreams about you.

Being Similar pattern - and she'll feel what you feel (a growing boner?:).

"Too bad we don't... but if we could..." pattern - you can describe almost any state you want to her with this one:)

Find Your Desire pattern - and turn good girls into "naughty":).

Sex is Natural pattern - you're adults, you can talk intelligently about sex... right:)?

"The more... the more.." pattern - a simple yet powerful application of thought binding.

Reading the Poem pattern - transition from patterning to reciting poetry.

The Eyes patterns - what better topic to talk about than her eyes. 2 patterns.

I Want You pattern - transition from patterning to kissing:)

At Least We Can Be Friends pattern - LJBF her into tearing your clothes off on the spot:) Indifference to Attraction patterns - convert her from friend to lover:) 3 patterns. Find That Girl pattern - reinstate her faith in men.

Blow Job patterns - these are supposed to make her want to... well, you figure it out:) 2 patterns. Backdoor Pleasure patterns - the funniest patterns ever:) Read and you'll know why:) 3 patterns. The Void pattern - the contrast of feeling empty versus feeling happy and fulfilled.. The Door pattern - a pattern so evil, that even Ross Jeffries has denounced this one. Presuppositions and other "mind-tricks" - don't leave her any choice:)

Long-distance seduction

Become your own "friend" - to put in a good word with her:) Patterning over the phone - sounds lucrative... but is it worth it? Nick-name tease - isn't a woman's curiosity a wonderful thing:)?

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