Casual meetings vs pickups

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Girls love to meet their prince charming casually, they dream of meeting you accidentally and by chance. That usually includes meeting you at a somewhat more private party (a birthday or a wedding, but not a nightclub), being introduced to you through a mutual friend, having common interests (hobbies, sports etc) and meeting you through events organized for people practicing these interests; school, work, hobbies, friends, and relatives being the common denominators here.

That is also why trying to pick up a girl in the street or on the commuter is so much harder to do than just "meeting her casually" -it is completely different from what she has been dreaming of and in addition to having to make her like you the way you present yourself, you'll have to compensate for not being able to have the silent recommendation of having mutual friends or hobbies plus dismiss any of her doubts of you "doing this (picking up girls) all the time", a thought which might weigh against you even if she actually likes you and your approach.

But whether you want to make the girl like you having met her casually or doing a more direct pick-up, you'll be using the same techniques nevertheless. Opting for a casual meeting just simplifies your task of getting her to like you and has a higher probability of her coming to expect a LTR once things get serious (whether you like or want that to happen is already a different subject), whereas pick-ups are tougher to pull off successfully, but they also broaden your choice of girls far beyond those that you happen to meet "casually" plus each failure and succcess will build your experience and confidence respectively far more than casual meetings could ever do.

In short, casual meetings are safe, pick-ups more rewarding, and the choice is yours, but a healthy mixture of both is probably the best way to go:)

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