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Back to the Table of Contents o #close - the number close. Get the girl's number. Give yours if she only agrees to an exchange. See Closing for more details.

o *close - kiss close. Get the girl to kiss you. Then #close:) See Closing for more details.

o 3s rule - the three seconds rule. There may be a maximum of only three seconds between you seeing a girl and acting upon it. See The three seconds rule for more details. o AFC - Average Frustrated Chump. A phrase coined by Ross Jeffries to describe a healthy (read: horny) male not (yet:) educated in the art of seduction (which in Ross Jeffries' terms would be Speed Seduction, but that is much too limiting). A few typical traits of an AFC - hanging on to just one certain girl, supplicating, swallowing whatever crap treatment a woman gives him, being afraid to make a move, thinking in terms of "dates", eiter for lack of courage and/or knowledge being unable to do a pick-up or a close. o ASF -, a Usenet newsgroup created by Ross Jeffries for discussing Speed Seduction and its implementation, which has far outgrown its original agenda by becoming the world's premiere discussion board covering various seduction techniques. Everything in quotation marks starting with "ASF:" is material originally published on ASF. See Disclaimer for why some of you might find your material here without due credits and please contact me if you wish to have your name added to your material. o BF - Boyfriend, often also (and not mistakenly:) read as Borefriend:)

o HB - Honey Bunny, an acronym coined by Ross Jeffries in his newsletters. Also sometimes mistakenly read as Hot Babe,

Horny Bitch or Hard Body, but it's a free world, to each his own:) o Kino - kinaesthetics. Touching her: her hands, shoulders etc. See Kinaesthetics for more details.

o LJBF - "Let's Just Be Friends", also know as "the treatment". You know what this means, when a girl gives you this line; I

don't have to explain:) See "Let's Just Be Friends" for more details. o LTR - Long Term Relationship. Although the length of a relationship to qualify as "long term" can not be defined, the physical and/or emotional involvement of such a relationship certainly extends beyond that of a chance encounter aka one-night-stand.

o Mindlist - a mailing list dealing with NLP and its various applications, seduction amongst others. You can find it on o Neg - also known as negging, neghits or negative hits. See Neghits explained and Neghits expansion pack for more details. o NLP - Neuro-Linguistic Programming. An new approach to psychotherapy co-founded by Richard Bandler and John Grinder. NLP uses language patterns and metaphor to communicate with the subconscious mind enabling the patient to recover within weeks or even days as opposed to months and years when using traditional psychoanalysis. See for more details.

o PUA - Pick-Up Artist. Someone who has picking up girls down to an art and uses one or various pick-up techniques with a high success-rate.

o SS - Speed Seduction. An NLP-based seduction technique created by Ross Jeffries. See for more details.

o SP - self-point, point to yourself (like put your hand on your chest or stomach for a moment). An aspect of patterning to link descriptions to yourself (example: "have you ever met someone..." while self-pointing). o UG - Ugly Girl, the opposite of HB (Honey Bunny), usually the HB's friend and an obstacle. See "Group tactics" for more

How to Lay Girls Guide details.

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