Dream pattern

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"Have you ever had dreams about someone you really really like? Me, for instance, I find that when you meet somebody who you're very attracted to , and you start to THINK ABOUT THAT PERSON all the time, that's when you can really begin to NOTICE THAT PERSON IN YOUR DREAMS. I mean you know how you REMEMBER some dreams, and others you FORGET? It's like when you constantly THINK ABOUT THIS PERSON, your conscious mind GOES DOWN REAL DEEP into your subconscious and BRINGS BACK all these wonderful dreams about them. If you were to DO THAT at night, how long would it take you to REALIZE that you're dreaming about this person? Me, I've had that happen before many times..."

Ross Jeffries: "The key, for people seeing such a pattern for the first time, is to be visually perceivable, but not consciously noticeable. If you point down frantically at your crotch and say real loud "GOES DOWN REAL DEEP" at the dinner table, yer gonna get slapped, okay?"

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