Me: I was just wondering, what do you really love doing? Name something that you would do that you find so engrossing that you'd do it, even if you were never paid to do it?

Her: Well... when I get some stacked up vacation leaves, I go mountain climbing with the local mountain climbing association.

Me : Oh...you like mountain climbing. I'm curious...what is it about mountain climbing that makes you love it? What do you feel when you're mountain climbing? What's it like when you're there now, mountain climbing?

Her: Well...uphill its very hard and steep...but once you get to the summit, you can feel the wind on your face...all that exhiliration...freedom...sense of accomplishment and just this feeling of fulfillment...those make the hike worth every step...

Me: (giggle a little)...A funny thought just came over me. I'm just wondering, what would it be like if you could feel all those feelings in another human being? I mean, what if you could just IMAGINE, having a boyfriend (point to self, subtly) who also makes you FEEL ALL THAT EXHILIRATION...that FREEDOM that sense of ACCOMPLISHMENT and deep

FULFILLMENT. When YOU'VE FOUND THAT GUY, when the time comes that YOU'RE LOOKING AT HIM...feeling all those feelings...NOW what would it be like?

Her : Gee...I'd do him just as much as I do mountain climbing...and with equal passion...oh...I didn't mean it like I said it! (hahaha...Freudian slip!)

(yada yada)"

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