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You could gobble up all the knowledge in the known universe about seduction but you'll neither never know what works best for you nor build up an intuition/experience concerning what would work best with any given girl - unless you start experimenting, both with what you've learned and what you come up with yourself. Plus this also helps to put you in the right mind-set.

ASF: "The main thing I put my successes recently down to is the decision I made to have fun and make meeting women a game. Let's push their buttons this way and see how they respond. What will they do if I say this etc. When I meet someone I'm thinking "What can I learn from you? What fun can I have relating to you?" rather than "Wow, you're gorgeous. Oh shit! What do I say? Do I look OK? Will you like me? ", which are some of the thoughts that used to run through my mind in my AFC days."

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