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The rich and famous setup - but even more accurately the "tired of female attention" setup:)

The effectiveness of persistence with a smile - true seduction (choose and seduce:), not a numbers game or easy girls. Svengali's street pick-up - a classic street pick-up using humour, romance, sex-talk and kino with confidence.

Svengali's friend's street pick-up - a "neg" of sorts gets the ball rolling:)

The original Mr Smooth posts - Maniac High describes the technique of a Japanese PUA.

NightShadow's IRC seduction - an example of an image to create good feelings.

David Shade's online seduction - this guy is really good:) A log of him and a married woman.

David Shade's real-life seduction - and he's not just a computer geek cowering behind his keyboard:) Read and gasp:) Maniac High's report, NYC's comments - important points being discussed. The Orgasmotron - Alex Akselrod plants a post-hypnotic suggestion.

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