Fool her into thinking that she knows you

Kevin Kupal, mindlist: "Look surprised, then look away for a while, then look at her then look surprised again. She may open a discussion. If not, open yourself by saying something like :

"You look strangely familiar. I swear I must have seen you somewhere. (pause). I can't remember yet. Let's switch it around. Do you HAVE THAT FEELING that you STRONGLY RECOGNIZE ME. Do you HAVE THAT FEELING NOW that I"M UNCANNILLY FAMILIAR.(?)"

Her (most likely response, if the principle works): "... yeah... I must have seen you from somewhere"

You: "You want to sit down for a cup of coffee while we figure out why we feel so familiar with each other ?" (presup hehehe)." Update. The High 5 modification

Craig, ASF: "I give girls high fives all the time, usually when they are walking in the opposite direction as me and we cross paths in a club. Then, the next time I see them I say, "I remember you!" and then we are instant friends! I will also just go up to a girl and put my hand up in high 5 postition, then when they slap it I'll just start talking and go into my routine."

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The Illustrated Key To The Tarot

The Illustrated Key To The Tarot

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