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The 3 seconds rule - the most important rule you'll ever learn, say bye-bye to hesitation. Look and feel your best - all the time!

Be the Alpha/Dominant male - be in charge of your surroundings. Including the girls:) Do my looks matter? - yes they do, but not nearly as much as you think. Nice guys vs jerks - the key difference between the two explained. Good traits to have - or develop, to be a successful player.

It all comes down to satisfaction - read why you actually have the upper hand with the most beautiful of women.

Women want good sex - so make sure you do her right:)

Should you express or contain your sexual desires? - a moot point, read why.

Wanna play the dating game? - ... um... let's see now...

The rules with your wingman - if you approach girls together with a friend / wingman, make sure you agree on the rules. Getting started:

On confidence - and getting started with approaching girls. Experiment! - don't think twice, don't look back, just have fun!. (1 of 8) [8/3/2002 9:28:33 PM]

Casual meetings vs pick-ups - the pros and cons. At a party - a mild alternative to the 3s rule.

Just say "Hi" - then continue with one of the two tactics described in the article. Talk to girls - everywhere!

How to initiate a conversation - here's your back-up, in case your primary parashoot doesn't open. Talking to her = echoing her - a stripped down version of Trance words and Eliciting values. Fluff talk - the essential skill of talking about nothing, and how to evolve from that. The "don't"s of fluff talk - what to avoid.

Reading body language - its like reading people's thoughts, it'll blow you away:) Mirroring - the Jedi mind tricks of body-language explained.

Kinaesthetics - make touching the girls your second nature, even (and especially!:) if you just met them, they'll love it:)

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