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To be able to talk to girls everywhere, you need to be prepared, both physically and emotionally. This means looking your best as often as you can, because people do meet in the oddest places, and not dragging past or present personal troubles into a new interaction. You need to feel great, and I don't mean confident (see On confidence), I mean GREAT - and rapport-building interactions with beautiful girls will happen naturally:) See also Top Colognes and Good traits to have for more details.

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Talk to girls everywhere

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If you look and feel great, then you won't have any trouble with this. If you see a girl, looking in the window of a store, waiting for a bus, sitting on a train, in the next aisle of a movie, shopping in a department store, and for any reason this girl appeals to you, strike up a conversation, start talking to her about anything that comes to mind. With more experience - #close or *close right there, in the street. So set yourself a goal of talking to girls at the supermarket, laundromat, at a concert, while standing in line at the movie, sitting at the bar, on the bus, standing in the street, in the elevator, just anywhere and everywhere.

Update. Taken from "Seep women off their feet...": "The most important thing for you is to talk to women everywhere, about anything until they no longer intimidate you. When talking to women no longer intimidates you, something special will happen. You will find yourself having non-threatening conversations with beautiful women all the time, and better yet, those conversations will naturally turn into seduction mode even without a conscious effort on your part. And once you stop thinking about seduction, you will find yourself just doing it. You will begin to see the change in women's behavior towards you."

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