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"You know I think that everyone with a head on their shoulders has got to have some idea of what they're looking for in a relationship.

Maybe you've met guys in the past where you come home from the date or get off the phone and you're saying 'Well he seems to have a lot of this, but I don't know if he's got enough of that' or 'Yeah he has a lot of what I look for but there's just this one thing about him I don't like', and while it might seem natural to evaluate someone like that sometimes, I never do it - at least not with someone I'm really interested in.

Haven't you ever met a guy who you were just so attracted to everything about him (confusing on purpose), you could just feel how he satisfied all of your values, and afterwards you weren't picking him apart with all those questions, you were just imagining everything that would happen the next time you were with him? - A guy where you knew he had something to offer and you would do whatever to be sure it was offered - to you?

(If Yes, find out what that was like & incorporate it. If no just go on).

You see that's the kind of person I'm looking for - It's like, what if you maybe started off meeting this person and you still had that ruler handy, that one you use in your mine to measure guys, ready to measure if he had enough of this or that, but then, as you talked to him longer and as the time passed you were just having so much fun, it's as if you just started instead to pay attention to those gut intuitions that just said overwhelmingly 'You want this guy, you want this guy, you want him bad!'

And instead of wasting your attention on measuring, you just felt that growing compulsion building, and now it's just like all those values you look for just blend together and you see right then that he had what you really value, and you stop your measuring because this guy's longer (sp) than your ruler (sexual innuendo)!

With me, that's the kind of excitement I look for in a relationship and when the excitement is there, that's when you feel absolutely compelled to just go for it now (dickpoint)."

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