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Seduction is largely a matter of not making the same mistakes. Not making mistakes includes:

• Not being supplicating

• Not moving too fast or pushing her

• Not walking past obviously perfect opportunities

• Not avoiding a woman just because you might think that she is not the ideal woman

• Not giving up on her if a voice in your head tries to tell you there is some reason to drop it

• Not giving a shit about rejection.

Update. More mistakes to avoid. Vincent Runza, ASF:

• Timid, unsure behavior in front of girls. http://tranceboy.fWs1.com/miscsuggest.htm (1 of 5) [8/3/2002 9:31:15 PM]

• Offering to 'get her something' - a drink, food, chair, etc. is called supplication - DON'T DO IT!

• A cting like she is more special than you are - she isn't, BTW.

• Asking her a question and not listening to the answer.

• Counting yourself out with a girl before you've even met.

• Assuming she's not the type to take you somewhere right now and fuck your brains out - even the best of us occasionally make that mistake.

Mr Happy, ASF: "This is one of the BASICS: Once you demonstrate to a woman that she can manipulate you, she loses all sexual attraction for you and designates you as a pawn."

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