Miscellaneous suggestions and observations about seduction

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• Women love men just as much as we love women. Women love sex just as much as we do. Women are gonna get it somewhere, may as well be you.

• Women need romance. The way to a woman's panties is through her mind, heart, and soul.

• No matter how hard the shell, they all have a soft centre.

• Get to know everything you can about women. Study this subject.

• You can never build too much rapport. Good rapport is the foundation of the relationship.

• The more you make her laugh, the closer you are to where you want to be. Take every opportunity to make her laugh.

• Never ask her for anything, instead suggestively entice and let her give to you. If there is to be an exception, then simply tell her what will be.

• When she is being difficult, challenge her.

• Never give her anything, instead reward her. If she will not give you anything, give her a reason to, or challenge her to, or dare her to.

• Maintain a high self esteem at all costs. This may mean cutting your losses at times.

• Make yourself more attractive. Work out regularly. Wear better clothes. Watch the guys who get the girls and wear what they wear. It's not that fucking hard to do and it goes a long fucking ways. Women have a saying "You are what you wear."

• Get to know poetry. It is the perfect medium for you to lubricate her, but in a romantic and metaphorical way. Best thing: she thinks you are a poetic, deep, and sensual man; not a pervert, even though you are being a total pervert, hehe:)

• And... Always... Eye contact, Eye contact, Eye contact!

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The Illustrated Key To The Tarot

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