Mr Smooth no

As soon as we got in, we started hitting within 10 secs (one thing about Mr. Smooth I like, is that he is not a wall flower, he will not spend more than 10 secs w/o talking to a chick...this is real important guys. hit..hit..hit). I hate wallflowers because they discourage me from hit hit hitting as they just stand around 'waiting for the perfect time',..fuck that.. [.]

Ok, I was the first one to go in, we are in the Pizza line, we meet at 9pm, and in the pizza place in a couple minutes, and I hit the chick in front of me in line, an 8. I introduce Smooth to her, following the routine we decided for the night. We got cold icy stares, but I kept on interacting though as long as she would, like I saw smooth do last time.. No luck, she started to ignore us and ran away. [.]

RIght after that (20 seconds?) , I then tell smooth that I like the two chicks in the corner other side of the restaurant. I start looking over there, and I get eye contact with Black Dress HB, and her '7' friend. I gesture to come her, but she is reluctant, and keeps pointing to her friend. I gesture her do bring her friend over too. While they talk, Smooth gets 2 chairs ready at our table. They come over and we start talking..regular smooth routine, we get to kisses on the cheek in about 2 minutes. Not bad. [.]

Then Smooth tries his new approach, he wanted to know if within a couple minutes we could get chicks over to my house for a private party with all 5 of us. He makes the pitch, and then repeats it several times over the talk, they laugh and giggle. We then talk about playing a game popular in Japan called 'oosama' (the king). It is kind of a drinking simon says game, you pick a number

(or jan-ken rock scissors paper), and the winner gets to make two other players do something (anything). Apparently it is quite popular here, and after a bit of drinking, can get quite raunchy. I fake like I don't know what is oosama, and try to get the girls to explain it to me. Then I ask what is the most weird thing you did in oosama before (hoping to get something physical, which I can start to anchor on). I didn't get much results. We will use oosama in future routines, as it worked well, and you can get to 'physical'

things in the discussion right away, which is good. [•••]

Lessons - going for getting a chick directly over w/o the setup first doesn't work (no biggie there, but we did want to try), and talking about 'oosama' is a good way to lead to other discussion along intimate / sexual lines. And getting phyical withchicks on the dance floor works well and is easy if you do it in fours or fives, before pairing!

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