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Have your home prepared, all the time, for all sorts of events:) Because you never know...:) What you need:

• A warm enough temperature, more or less warm enough for nakedness:)

• Lights that can be dimmed down, but better yet, keep a set of candles at hand.

• Always have some chocolate and wine or champagne in store.

• Have an attractive scent about your quarters (you can use special candles for that purpose)

• Have music - Vangelis, Enigma, Enya, musical scores of movies (this list needs to be extended).

• Don't forget to switch off the telephone, when the situation calls for it:)

• You can also use a "Do not disturb sign" on the door.

• Protective measures - have them and know where they are.

• In the bathroom - have good brands on display of colognes, shampoo etc.

• Keep on hand big fluffy terry-towels, two robes and an extra new toothbrush (still in the package).

• A slightly more ample collection of pillows than in your average home wouldn't hurt:)

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