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The debate of nice guys vs jerks is one of the oldest of relationships and seduction issues. The essence of being a "nice guy" however is widely misunderstood. It is believed, that being polite, considerate, friendly, tender, romantic etc is what being a "nice guy" is all about and thus should be avoided, as it is the "jerk", the rude, the inconsiderate, he impolite, the rough guy who always gets to shag the girl while the "nice guy" is waiting outside in the pouring rain with flowers in his hand... and waiting... and waiting...:)

It doesn't however mean, that women prefer rude over polite, inconsiderate over considerate etc. It all becomes clear when we look at a very important issue often overlooked when trying to define, what makes the "jerks" beat the "nice guys" when it comes to getting the girls. It is sexuality - the "jerks" are not afraid to show that they are sexual beings, while for the "nice guys" hiding their sexuality is part of their agenda of being friendly, polite and and courtious towards women. Big mistake:)

Peta, Clifford's Seduction Newsletter: "It dawned on me as it has, that the androgyny is key. Women fall for bastards because they don't turn off the sexuality.. "nice" guys think women will be terrified of their sexuality, so they turn it off and all they get is women responding to their androgyny [sending all nice guys to LJBF-land]"

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