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Should you opt for the club scene(harvesting night clubs for girls), keep in mind that your chances are much higher in clubs with mainstream music (commercial dance, played by most radio stations), where the girls are much more likely to hang out secretly wanting to meet a man who would give them the satisfaction of a lifetime, as opposed to clubs with hard trance / tek house and underground garage, where a lot of the girls are there just to get high by listening and dancing to the tunes (with the possibly added effect of using drugs), which often makes them pretty much ignore everything else around them - including you. If opting for an underground club its always best to make yourself familiar of your surroundings. It's all too easy to step on another mans territory without even knowing, To summarise, yes there is a change you can pull at the fridge or bagleys but just make sure that the girl is actually on the same planet as you.


A few words in favour of night-clubs by Johnny Shack ( "This is the place to find single women more so than anywhere else in the world. Nightclubs are reputable for being pick up joints and I don't think I'm telling you anything new. Most clubs with age groups above 18 are very popular and have women (beer) on tap. There is the traditional young persons clubs and then the over 30's and sometimes 40's places. Especially at the older places you do not find women going there with there husband or boyfriend because they are there to get laid or to find a long term partner."

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