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ASF: "Try approaching every HB you see and say, "Hi. Are you the sort of person I should get to know better?" If she says "Yes", then ask "Why?" Put the focus of the conversation on what she has to offer you. Do this in a matter of fact way, like you were saying "Hi. Your shoe's untied." In fact, if you can't yet muster the boldness to confront HB's, then just tell them it looks like they're about to lose a heel on their shoe and WALK AWAY. Try it. It works." Don't misunderstand the "addressing a girl and then walking away works" part - it doesn't work for getting to know these girls, it works to add to your experience and feeling natural and good about approaching girls:)

I didn't use "feeling confident" here on purpose, because ideally, you don't want to feel "confident" - being confident is something you think about and which ultimately reveals that you must be nervous in one way or another after all. Ideally you feel so good and natural about it that the word "confidence" never pops up in your mind:) Feeling so good and natural that you have no need to think about being confident is actually the ultimate confidence - but never think of it in terms of confidence. Forget the term "confidence" altogether, just concentrate on feeling good and natural (about approaching, propelling her to new heights of pleasure with your patterns, having kino etc) and before you know it - "confident" is how you'll be perceived by women:)

Update. When seeing a girl you'd like to approach, don't even try to "feel confident". Instead, think: "See that girl? I am the perfect experience for her!". Think of the way she will have goosbumps from the way you'll make her feel good, and if you want to, then for just a split-second you can remind yourself of all the ways you could make her cum:) Don't dwell on that though:) Just go and offer her the experience of a life-time:)

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Top colognes for getting girls

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The names are gathered from various suggestions and lists on the net. The first group is an averaged order of preference (from best to worst) of two female acquaintances of the compiler, scents from the second group were not available for testing but have seen mentions of being good colognes as well.

• Fahrenheit by Christian Dior

• Safari for Men by Ralph Lauren

• Polo Sport by Ralph Lauren

• Eternity for Men by Calvin Klein

Aqua by Hugo Boss

Claiborne Sport by Liz Claiborne

Eau d'Rosseau

Jaipur by Boucheron


Tommy by Hilfiger Nautica Green Weekend Burberrys

This might sound strange, but if you happen to wear the same cologne worn by the father of the girl, it'll works in your favour:) Update

The top three colognes suggested by Clifford in Clifford's seduction newsletter:

• Black Jeans by Versace

• Fruits and Passions

Clifford: "I have a whole shelf full of others, but these get the best reactions."

How to Lay Girls Guide Update

Johnny Shack (http://showgirls.com.au): "Think about how a woman catches your attention with the aroma of a seductive perfume. Imagine how it grabs a woman's attention if a man is wearing a cologne? Now women are more alert to smell than men because they have spent many years pampering their bodies with differing lines of cosmetics. So any effort by you on this frontier will not go unnoticed. All you have to do is follow these two guidelines.

NOTE 1: Once you decide to wear after shave your attractiveness rises incredibly. Women pick up the slightest scent of after shave and it grabs their attention. Whenever I wear after shave I will invariably get compliments, whether it be in a bar or a petrol station. Women often even know the name of your after shave, and they love to tell you what it is. This brings us to the next point

NOTE 2: I suggest to buy an after shave that is well known so it increases the possibility of women recognising it. This single attention to detail can start many relationships for you. If a woman was wanting to talk with you it provides a topic that they feel totally at home with, cosmetics. It can even start a conversation from a woman that had no previous interest in you. Most men do not regularly wear after shave, so it separates you from the crowd of hungry competitors out there."

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