Incredible connection via greeting card or e-mail. Jonathan Ness, mindlist:

"Isn't it crazy (soften...soften...) how you meet somebody and you just feel an instantaneous connection... With me, it's like a click right in your stomach when you realize you're going to like and trust this person for a long time. That's how I felt ("You go first" principle...) when I met you at [where] [when]. I confess (girls LOVE confessions...), I have been thinking about you, wondering how much you have been thinking about me, too. (not "whether" but "how much"!). How surprised would you be to find yourself wishing you could spend some more time with me... Right now, I can see us over coffee laughing and having the best time. As you think about this more and more, I'm sure that you can feel a smile coming to your face, realizing how much fun we're going to have. Let's meet [where] [when] for lunch, around noon, so we can get to know each other better. Or, if Friday night would work better for you, give me a call at [number] and we'll arrange the details."

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