Notice the tie-in with the Cialdani Reciprocation Principle. Kevin Kupal, mindlist:

"Have you ever felt an instantaneous connection with someone (point to self), a guy who just makes you FEEL THAT CLICK, right there (click in front of her chest). And when you do, I bet, that guy can just make you FEEL SO WARM AND WONDERFUL, DEEP INSIDE YOU... make you FEEL such a FANTASTIC DELIGHT, an INTENSE, DELICIOUS PLEASURE... inside YOUR MINE... DEEP INSIDE YOU... just by being with him (point to self), just by looking at him (she's looking at you, dummy). Now, I WONDER how you WONDER how when you've found that guy (point to self), and FEEL ALL THE DELIGHT he gives you, how will you give back to him some of the delight that he makes you feel... how will you GIVE YOUR ALL to please and delight him (point to self), even just an inkling of the delight he gives to you? How good will you feel just by giving him back some of the incredible delight he gives you? When you feel that the more you please him, the more you exponentially please yourself?"

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