Pattern 4

This one is easy (equals good:), especially when compared to the hog above. Kevin Kupal, mindlist:

"It's amazing how YOUR MINE works you know. I mean, people never really realize how to control their emotions, but it can so very easily done! Wanna bet? Hokay...

Well... remember a time when you were utterly humiliated... when you just wanted to bury your head in the ground and disappear... as if the whole world were laughing at you... do you feel that now? (wait)... okay...

Imagine that I can take that feeling, collect it all in my hand (wave in front of her chest, as if collecting waifs or whiffs of air), take it all out. and quash all of that bad feeling in my hand... concentrated in all its bad emotions in this very small space, and I take this away from you (take hand away). Makes you feel so much better now, does it not ?

NOW, can't you see... it's easy to make people FEEL VERY GOOD. WITH ME, it's a natural thing to do. Can KEVIN (point to the hand with the bad feelings) do that?

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