A minor modification of the previous pattern. Ross Jeffries:

"I was reading in a book about the difference between attraction and being in love.

And it was really interesting to learn that attraction takes place when like someone is sitting across from you and you just notice something about them ... could be anything. The expression on their face, or some unique feature that just captures your attention, or maybe its just their voice, the way it might wrap itself around you like a pair of strong, warm but gentle arms and just penetrates your thoughts and spreads all through you. Whatever it is, it all that takes place in this person's presence.

But falling in love is what you'll do yourself, after you've gone outside this person's presence. I mean, think about it ... what happens is you spend some time with this person and then you go home and you then you picture this person and your mine, in that special place and you mine, where you keep people you care deeply for. And then what you do is you start to imagine being with this person in different situations and in all sorts of different ways like maybe introducing him to your friends or having all sorts of fun and interesting adventures together.

And then maybe what you even do is you start to list all the qualities that you really like about this person and for every quality thing you mention to yourself you get that feeling right in there where you get that warm feeling and with every feature you notice that this feeling increases, like oh he's so smart, or he's so much fun to be with, of he's so understanding of the world. And then, what you do is you start to repeat his name to yourself and then what you do, the real kicker is you start bringing up his name in every conversation, John said this or John said that and that's when you know you're absolutely hooked on this person, you know what I mean?

And I think when you do that, now, with me, I find that that's when you really feel that passion growing and you don't even know why you just have to stop and go deep inside and just allow this person's presence to penetrate you consciousness and come inside you so deep and when that's happening its like that feeling there it just starts to move down, deeper as you create an opening for it, an opening, that just feels all those feelings that have been stored up, and they just start to flood through that opening... you know what I mean?"

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