One of the basic structures of a seduction is to model the process of falling in love. The setup in this example has the couple looking at a newspaper on the movies page with the male commenting on one of the male actors but of course you can modify it to your liking as it is fairly easy to introduce the "cute actor/singer/pop-star" theme into almost any conversation. Jobet Claudio, Mindlist:

Him: What exactly do you feel when you look at a cute guy (gesturing to your face). Her: Hmm... I just feel a tingle of sorts (hah... that's one for the echoing). Him: You like romance movies, don't you? Her: Yeah. I love em.

Him: I'm just curious as to why you like romance movies. Her: They make me feel so good... you know. Him: Yeah. It can make you FEEL THAT TINGLE, (pts) I bet. Her: Yeah.

Him: Well, I'm curious again. How do you know that YOU'RE FALLING IN LOVE with a guy (pts)? Her: Well... I... I don't know... it just happens and I just realize it.

Him: Well... I read somewhere that there's this guy who researched about how women fall in love. In that study, he said that invariably (hah... Cialdini authority) women (point to her) at first find this small "gateway"... this thing that they notice about a guy (pts)... it may be small or big, like a dimple, or a smile, or the eyes, or a soothing voice... anything. Then, the woman begins to feel a tingling sensation when this guy (pts) is around... And the funny thing is, this guy's (pts) presence creates a certain richness of experience for women (pth), like, even small things, like a glance, or a look in the eye (look in her eyes), or a short, simple, soothing chat... all that... takes on a special meaning, that special, delicious feeling, you can't even begin to describe... that's when you realize that...THIS GUY IS SPECIAL (pts)...and special, in a special way...

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