Pattern II

(by John Casewest)

Has anyone ever told you that you have the most interesting eyes?

You know I know a few people with eyes like yours and I've found people with eyes like that tend to be exciting and riveting people, like that glow isn't just right there but in their whole personality as well.

It's like as if when you look into someone's eyes, you can just see the whole way into them, and *feel so comfortable. With me*, it's even more exciting (count the commands there) though, the different things people can say with their eyes - eyes can also show deep understanding, and whether you're paying close attention to something or what's going on deep inside you.

It's amazing the things people's eyes can tell, it's like as if you can see a sense of humor right there in someone, or when the eyes are mysterious or sometimes just really intriguing, that just make you want to find out more of what's going on behind them. Aren't eyes just most fascinating..."

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