Pattern II

You can make her feel good, warm and trustful by having her imagine the symbol of eternal love and happyness - the rose - in extravagant detail. Notice the messages of the fleeting nature beauty and seizing/enjoying the moment. The seduction was conducted via the internet (thus all the "imagine me hugging you" stuff etc:), but as always - tailor it to your own needs. By Jobet Claudio, Mindlist:

Me: Look...when you think about it...everything is fleeting. It's not how long you've had a guy... it's the wonderful memories that you can share together, right here, and right now. Let me give you an example. Imagine... a rose. A beautiful rose... now... hold it by the stem... gently... mind the thorns... now... look at the petals... notice the soft color of the petals... and how soft the petals are to touch... how silky smooth they are... it's such a wonderful, beautiful thing of creation... now... look at it in wonder of nature's beauty. Realize now... that this rose... may not look like this any more... perhaps in a couple of hours... it will lose its freshness as it eventually withers. But what's important... right now... is that you are looking at it... in all its splendour and beauty. Right now, you have it... for you to enjoy. For your eyes to look at... for it to warm your heart and make you feel so good. Its just like love. It may not always be there... it may be with you for only a short time... what's important... is to make every moment count... to make every memory of it a wonderful thing to look back upon.

Her: [a simulated response on the general theme of being mistrustful] But I can't trust anyone anymore. I'll just get hurt again.

Me: [a trust-building image in response to the above] Okay. This will make YOU FEEL BETTER. Take a deep breath... and that rose that you're holding... now... I'm handing back this rose... back to you...take it gently from my hand... Now... doesn't that feel so good... just to realize that you can trust someone with your deepest longings... your fondest dreams... your greatest desires? I'll be there if you need me. last thing...what I want you to do... is to look down at where that good feeling is coming from... and notice how it can get twice as strong... twice as good when you allow it to grow (go for 10 X after you're done with this).

Her: [a simulated response on the general theme of feeling so good that it made her cry] Enough enough! No more please! [silence] You made me cry here on my computer, you know, it felt so good.

Me: Okay okay... here... I'm hugging you now... feel the warmth of my arms."

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