I wish a was your tear-drop, Conceived in your heart, Born in your eyes, Lived on your cheeks, And died on your lips.

Poem 3 by Jacques Prévert (no, that name is not a joke, that is actually a famous French poet:)

Une orange sur la table

Ta robe sur le tapis

Et toi dans mon lit

Doux présent du présent

Fraîcheur de la nuit

Chaleru de ma vie.

Poem 3 translation (so that you can tell her when she sighs: "oh. that was so beautiful. What was it about?":) http://tranceboy.fws1.com/poems.htm (1 of 8) [8/3/2002 9:34:54 PM]

An orange on the table A robe on the floor And you on my bed A delicate present of the present The coolness of night The warmth of my life.

Poem 4 by Jacques Prévert

Trois allumettes une à une allumees dans la nuit

La première pour voir ton visage tout entier

La seconde pour voir tes yeux

La dernière pour voir ta bouche

Et l'obscurité toute entiere pour me rappeler tout cela

En te serrant dans mes bras.

Poem 4 translation

One by one, three matches are lit in the night The first to see your face The second to see your eyes The last to see your lips

So when its dark all around, I can remember it all While holding you in my arms.

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