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When looking at hands as a whole it is interesting to note that most of the time it proves true that a person, whose backs of the hands appear veined and creased or rippled, delicately showing the bone structure, is very sensitive to and caring about the feelings of others. They tend to be romantic and sensitive to physical touch. When the back of the hand is smooth, fleshy or dimpled, the owner is warm hearted but may only enjoy sex just for fun. They will be concerned more with his or her own needs than those of a partner.

The raised and full mount of the Moon will tell you that the person is creative in their love life actions which makes them an interesting and intriguing partner and lover. The raised mount of Pluto allows for them to rebound from difficulties in life so they are resilient as partners which tends to create longevity in the relationship that they embrace.

If the heart line is not present in the hand - (By this I mean that there is only one line traveling horizontally across the palm, called the line of Simian.) - this traditionally raises concerns about the emotional nature of its owner. It isn't that they have don't have feelings, it is just that they aren't comfortably balanced about the expression of their feelings. The line of Simian is a blend of the head and heart lines. There are periods of time when the line of Simian person may be very overly emotional and then at other times be almost devoid of any emotion or sympathy. So the owner of such a line usually tends to be more mental in their approach to love. This makes them think through their emotions giving them the sense that they are in control with their feelings about their "significant other". They will also be naturally oriented towards being more concerned about the practical matters of their relationship, such as money, position, or the career of the partner or themselves and how these matters will help the relationship they enter to be fulfilled. The line of Simian is often seen in the palm of a person who is gifted mentally even to the point of genius. They are very often materially successful individuals.

A clean heart line that has no breaks, islands, x's, cross bars, etc is a good sign demonstrating an emotionally balanced person. Where the heart line shows a break in its flow - this indicates a time when the person may suffer an emotional crisis- such as a breakup with their lover or the ending of an affair, any break is a sign of an emotional sorrow or shock. Timing on the heart line is like this - birth is at the start of the line under the little finger. The age of 20-25 is at about the area under the space between the little and ring fingers. This gives you the timing gauge for the rest of the line. Marks of puffy redness on the heart line shows the person is open to periods of passionate emotional energy which can be overwhelming to others. These marks indicate the owner can be easily blinded by passion. The depth into the palm at which the heart line is located can indicate the depth of emotion the person is capable of expressing and feeling. The deeper into the palm it is placed the more likely the owner is to be very aware of emotional feelings and their outward expression. (See (D) for a deeply placed heart line and (E) for the space of a shallow placement of the heart line in Figure # 4.)

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