Reading the lines in general

by Angela M. Mattey

Whenever you look at the lines in the palm the quality of the line tells you very much about the person. Check to see if the lines (1 of 3) [8/3/2002 9:33:20 PM]

The major lines of the hand are clear, deep and unbroken which means the line has good quality. If the lines are criss-crossed, chained, broken, has islands or is faintly traced it is considered to have poor quality. A poor quality line tells you that the person lacks good flow of well-being in the area that is weakened. It can represent a period of time in life when the owner is indecisive, unhappy, stressed, feeling blocked, or unable to feel secure about embracing life. Many hands have clear, unbroken lines even though the owner has had what an observer would evaluate to be a very difficult life. This means that the owner is able to survive and cope with life taking what life gives them in stride even though it may be significant challenges. There are other hands where the lines are all crisscrossed and the owner has not had that difficult a life by another's standards, but they see their life as stressful and overwhelming.

The Life Line simply symbolizes the quality of a person's life force energy. The length of this line does not tell you how long a person will live (tell her that, if it appears a little short - tony). If the line is deeply etched and well formed, meaning not broken, chained or crossed, then the person is enthusiastic about life and puts effort into their actions and relationships. So the deeply etched life line tells about a good quality and supply of life force energy. If the life line is lightly traced in the palm the person tends to be more mentally oriented and observes life as a bystander with less enthusiastic involvement than the deeply etched life-lined person would exert. So the life force energy of a lightly traced or chained, or broken life line is more delicate. If the life line's pathway travels outward into the center of the palm, its owner will be more bold about life and want to explore the world. When the life line curves more closely and hugs the thumb the owner will be more likely to stay close to home and not be very adventurous about new things and changes in life.

The Head Line tells about how a person's intelligence is applied, how a person thinks and to a minor degree the well-being of the physical brain. The deeper and more clear this line the more potent the thinking processes of its owner. A thin delicate, islanded, chained or frayed head line tells you that the person is nervous, anxious, sensitive and indecisive, being too easily effected by arguments and the pressures of another's idea or will power. If the head line is short, the person is more instinctive and action motivated. If the head line is longer, the person is mentally oriented, wants to learn about many things, and has good mental focus. If the head line is more straight, the person is very logical, reasoning and wants the facts. If the line is sloping downward, the person is imaginative, creative and more sensitive. When there are deep dots or dents present on this line or islands sometimes this tells of headaches and possible physical problems with the brain itself. Other times such indications tell of mental frustrations and of "second guessing" one's abilities to decide properly.

The Heart Line tells about the owner's emotions and how they are expressed. The heart line can be looked at for health indications also. The heart line has a different starting point than the other palmar lines which start at the thumb side of the palm. The longer the heart line the more the emotion is present in the personality of the owner. If the heart line is straight the owner's emotions are ruled by the mind. They think before they speak. The curved heart line, like the one shown in the above image, tells of a person who is sentimental, intuitive and openly expresses their feelings. If the heart line is clear and deep the person is comfortable with their emotions. If the line is frayed, broken, chained or delicate the person is emotionally stressed and often moody. An island on this line at about the space under the ring finger area tells of eyesight problems.

The Fate Line is not always present in a palm. When it is present it helps the palmist time events in the client's life. The fate line tells all about a person's career pathway changes, independence, personal will power, and their ability to adapt to life's circumstances. If a hand does not have a fate line it is not bad like so many palmistry books have stated. It can mean the owner's life is dictated by the circumstances of their environment or by an overly possessive parent. However it can mean the owner is open minded, free wheeling and spontaneous about life and their pathway. When this line is present in it's full flow, like in the image above, the owner has a very balanced inner strength and guidance about life from within. If this line is broken it means a major life change, such as a physical move to another location, a job change, a relationship change or a complete career change, in life at the time of it's break. This is also true of a break in the life line.

The Sun Line has been considered the sign of great luck and success in the hand by many palmists. This line indicates talent about which you will have to look at the rest of the hand to determine its exactitude. It basically says that its owner has a special ability to make friends, money and earn a good reputation. A full line of Sun (unlike the one in the picture) starts at the base of the palm and travels up to and under the ring finger. This is a fortunate sign of creative successes or the self-confidence to make the most of inherited talents to gain possible fame in life. The line of Sun as it is shown in the picture is how it most commonly appears in a palm. Here it is short and located in the upper part of the palm. This indicates success comes later in life and that the person might be a late bloomer.

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