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(originally suggested by Mystery) When you do the #close, don't just trade numbers, accompany it with a humorous "But when I call you, I don't want you to answer "Huh? Who? Ah... its you... ee... so... howzit going...", I want you to act really enthusiastic and happy, like "Oh, you called! God I'm so glad!!", ok? Is that a deal?:)" This ends the close on a very light, friendly and positive note plus automatically kick-starts the phone call on that very same note:) Additionally you can end the phone call in the same manner: "So when we meet, I want you to smile, give me a big warm friendly hug and take my hand:) Deal:)?" End the phone call and start the meeting with these and you'll have removed many an obstacle from your path to being one with the girl:)

Update. A line to use when exchanging phone numbers. Mystery, Clifford's Seduction Newsletter: "Is our relationship going be romantic? ...because... I like romance!"

Update. (Taken from "Sweep women off their feet...":) "Whether you are going to call her or vice versa, make sure that you set up a date and time for the call. Don't just say that you'll get in touch sometime soon. Set an exact time for [calling]."

Update. Mystery, ASF: "I will suggest something to do together when I'm closing. I will lead them to give me their # and during that time suggest that the # exchange will lead to more than just the roller blading or whatever we wanted to do together.

When I call, I tell them I have some stuff to take care of and I want her to keep me company - I then get some stuff done with them and go for a quick bite and talk in the car and drop by a friends house and do some little things. No date."

Update. Mystery and Rick, Clifford's Seduciton Newsletter: "(when a girl is in a rush)

"I understand you're in a hurry... I'm in a hurry as well... But what a lot of people don't understand is that time constraints are an illusion... I mean... you don't HAVE to leave right now... There will be another cab (or something else, depending on the situation)... Let's finish this (exchange numbers).""

Update. Maxim (

"The best thing he can do is try to make a date off of our common interests. If we were talking about golf, 'We should go to a driving range sometime' is a great thing to say. It's not like the pressure of a date, more like you're sports companions. If I want to see you, I'll pick up on your invite. —Phoebe, 32, Westport, Conn.

Politeness is always a good thing. A simple handshake and 'I enjoyed meeting you, I'd love to talk to you again,' with a suggestion of a specific exhibition or a show to see is great. That would make me feel like a guy has it together. —Aimee, 26, Berkeley, Calif.

If all of a guy's friends are leaving and he stays behind to talk to you, there's suddenly a lot of pressure on. He should always leave with his friends. He can simply say he doesn't want to ditch them, then ask if he can call me. He comes off like a good pal and not just someone on the make. —Diana, 24, New York City"

Whenever possible though, aim for the *close, the #close will follow naturally plus it'll have much more meaning for the both of you:)

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