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"At one point in my life I worked in sales, and yes, I used the principles discussed in speed seduction to make sales. It works quite nicely as it's simply basic persuasion. This is the process for making ecological sales and/or seductions.

0. Get rapport.

1. Qualify your prospect. Are they good enough for your product? IOW, do they have the means and the ability to pay for it? Are they the decision maker? If yes, proceed. Else, eject and find another prospect.

2. Further qualify your prospect. Take the time to find out what their most desired emotional states are. Is your product good for them? Will it help to fill their wants/needs as the prospect perceives them? Also, you may want to learn what their least desired states are. IOW, what emotions will they do almost anything to avoid experiencing? Will your product/service help them avoid those least desired states? If yes to either of these conditions, proceed. Else, eject and find another prospect.

3. Learn your prospect's convince themselves to buy strategy.

4. Capture and lead your prospect's imagination.

5. Help them access those highly valued emotions they have and link those emotional states to owning/having your product/service. And/or help them link their least desired states to NOT owning/having your product/service. Do this in a way that fits the prospects convince themselves to buy strategy.

6. Accelerate/increase your prospect's emotional states until they compel action to buy.

7. Do a take away and make them prove that they can and will avoid buyers remorse.

8. Let them buy your product/service, deliver the goods, and collect your paycheck.

Keep in mind that in sales or seduction you want to strive for a win/win situation, i.e.. value given for value received for BOTH sides."


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