Slow dancing

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Slow dancing is another exception to the "you-didn't-come-here-to-dance" rule (see "About dancing" for the first few exceptions). It is a most excellent way of getting some more intimate kino started. If you hear an r 'n' b tune coming up, don't waste any time. Take the girl you're presently with to the dance-floor (unless you're in the middle of a pattern and she is about to fly higher and higher:) or if you're presently in that 3 second period of having #- and *closed one girl and not yet approached another (you haven't just been "hanging" around, not able to choose who to approach, have you?:), either immediately return to the girl you just closed or scope for a suitable target in your vicinity.

While-slow dancing, be bold yet sensitive. Be bold - hold her really close to your body, start rubbing her back with your hand. Be sensitive - watch her reactions, if she starts to rub your shoulders, neck or chest or starts grinding her crotch against yours (hmm:), its once again time for you to. be bold - begin kissing her neck work your way up behind the ear, then the ear lobe, then closer to the cheeks, then lips.:) At this pointing you can just pretty much forget about patterns, eliciting values and what not. You can either stay on the dance-floor some more and grind it slowly and keep kissing even during a fast song or move smoothly to a more private corner for some more petting. Eventually you could check if the bath-room is available:) Or suggest a change of venue:)

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