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Adapted from Ross Jeffries' public seminar tanscript.

Ross Jeffries: "How many people know what submodalities are? The basic idea behind submodalities, is that people have locations for their internal mental imagery. That's when people make images on the inside of their mind, subjectively speaking, those images are located in different places. Let me give you an example. I'll give you an example. Come here, come on up here. Come up. What's your name?"

Audience: "Rod"

Ross: "Have a seat here. Let me show you what I mean. Can you stop and think about someone who you really, really like. Is there someone that you really like alot?"

Ross: "As you think about that person and you see their image in your mind don't you?" Rod: "Yes"

Ross: "Imagine your mind is a movie screen. And if you were to take your finger and point to where on the movie screen you see their image where might you point right now. Right there. Very nice. Now can you think of someone who you can't stand at all? I mean, if you saw a car coming at this person, you might go "hey!" but you wouldn't be in too big of a hurry to get them out of the way. Where you see the picture? Where? And where is the picture of the person that you really like? Now take this picture of the person who you don't like much and try to move it over here and see what happens. Looks like it doesn't want to stay there, does it?"

Rod: "It's heavy"

Ross: "By the way, notice how the more you listen to me the more my picture goes right here. And the bigger and brighter it gets. And you just lock it there. Keep it there. That's a neat thing. The number one submodality is location, where people put their pictures. There's alot of other ones but for our purpose the one that we are going to be using is location. Yes, question."

Audience: "In many of the experiments that I've gone through with, I find that alot of the pictures are very spacial. They don't have a position, I can't put them in a position."

Ross: "Then what you do is suggest one. If they don't have one, suggest it. See, notice what it's like if that picture just pops itself out of your head and locks in right in front of your face. If they don't have one, suggest it. So you can put yourself there."

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