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If you can read body-language fairly well, you'll know when the girl is receptive or ready or even waiting for a kiss close:) She'll let you touch her without resistance, touches you in return, wets her lips slightly and/or looks at your lips, especially when you are aobut to depart (be observat though, they're doing it subconsciously and generally don't want to let you in on their already aroused little fantasies about you:).

But there are a number of situations, where things are not that clear, you're not sure if she is in the mood or things have not been too going well etc. The dumbest thing to do here is to leave without actually finding out ("Ok, bye now, was nice meeting you"), this applies even if you did the #close ("Ok, well, I'll call you..." etc). Of course, you have to pick your situations - for example you can't start asking for a *close in front of her friends or relatives (she might even be dying to kiss you, but she just can't do it in front of others - that's why extracting her / separating her from the others is so important) - but you should always aim for the *close nevertheless.

Don't use a "Can I kiss you?" line - its indicative of your supplicating tendencies and puts her too much on a pedestal from which its easy for her to reject you. Instead, use the Mystery-style "Would you like to kiss me:)?" and go for the kiss if the response is anything but a blatant "NO!". Don't expect a "yes", you'll hardly ever get it (but if you did, you can fairly safely assume the same answer to a "would you like to make love to me?":). But the lack of an outright refusal ("I don't know.") usually means that she really would like to kiss you, but she's just processing the situation as kissing has both social and personal implications and she's not quite ready or its not a comfortable place for her to do it etc, but never mind all that, say "Let's find out" and go for the kiss -she'll enjoy it:) If the reply however is a "NO!", then do a Mystery-style followup: "Gee, you sure wrecked a moment, I bet your previous BFs must have really hated that about you..." Its a good neg to make her re-evaluate her position and usually you will be able to proceed with her the next time you try (note the importance of persistence here!:).

Update. Veroxii, ASF: "After doing some fluff-talk with a girl and getting some rapport and light kino going, I ask her if she likes local or foreign guys better, because I prefer foreign girls over local girls (which is a lie!:). Then after her "But why?" I tell her it's because local girls don't know how to kiss properly. I think you guys can see where I'm going with this... After a little bit of an argument (because they actually do kiss quite well), I just grab her and say "so let's find out!" and give her the full tongue action. Sidenote: you need to have at least some kino going before this, or she might freak out."

Update. SirMoby, ASF: "I always ask the HBs "Do you like ice cream?" Of course they say "Yes" and ask "Why do you ask?" I explain that women that don't like ice cream probably kiss with their mouth closed and that the women of [insert the homeland of the HB here] seem to have no passion. They immediately come back about how passionate they are. I usually get an open mouth kiss in a few minutes and they also start telling me about their passions.

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