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I bet you always have a lot of "interesting" questions you'd like to ask a lady when you first meet her. Like: "What was your first kiss like?", "When did you have sex for the first time?", "How did you have your first orgasm?", "What makes you horny?", "Have you ever been caught masturbating?" etc, you get the idea (see "Eliciting values - the questions" for a list of some slightly more normal questions to ask). But you can't just go ahead and ask them - you'll come off as a complete insensitive jerk if you do. And unless you are proficient in the art of directing the flow of the conversation in the direction of your preference (see "Eliciting values - introducing the questions"), these issues won't usually come up in an ordinary conversation. Thus you have no way of asking them without sounding weird... almost:) Because however is a little but ingenious way of asking them nevertheless - just start playing the Questions game with her:)

Originated by Mystery, provided by Craig, Clifford's Seduction newsletter: You: "Let's play the question game." Her: "What's the question game?"

You: "Well, it's like Truth or Dare but without the Dare, because I don't know how weird you are yet! The questions have to be good ones, no "where do you work" bullshit, ok? You go first!"

Her: "I can't think of anything!"

You: "Ok, how many boyfriends have you had?"

From there the questions will get deeper and more sexual as the game goes along. Then after you have been playing for a few minutes, when it's your turn you can say

You: "I have a good question for you... Would you like to kiss me?" Her: "I don't know" You: "Let's find out!" *kiss*

You: "I thought so!"

Don't go overboard with the sexual questions though. Asking even one of the above questions might do just fine, especially if she responds positively, which is your cue that she would also be ready for the final question:)

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The Illustrated Key To The Tarot

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