The rules with your wingman

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NYC: "I tell all my wingmen up front that it's anything goes with the chicks. I am not going to try to take a chick that they are talking to, but if I am getting the vibe, I will give it ample time for my wing to reel her back in and get her. After that, it's full steam ahead! I will give him room because he's the one that found the chicks, but if he can't attract her and he's tried his whole bit... step aside my man... it's my turn:) Same thing if I am called in as the wing. I will fulfil my duty as wing as it is explained to me, but if the situation goes dynamic and the wrong chick is into me, your clock is ticking down... get her back on course to you or she's mine >:)"

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"Danielle, 24, New Orleans: "I look to see that his guy friends are not total losers. If they are, then my friends are going to get stuck talking to them. Also, I think some guys purposely hang out with unattractive friends so they look like studs by comparison. It works against them—even if a guy is the best-looking one of the bunch, it just makes me think he's the Head Nerd."

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