The three major lines in the hand

by Peter and Kathleen Keogh

When you look into your hands, you will see the three major lines of heart, head, and life (see picture).

The heart line shows how we feel, the head line how we think and the life line how much physical vitality we have to sustain the body. The motivation to live is not shown by the life line alone. One's inspiration for life could be arising out of a strong emotional need to connect with someone, reflected by an intense heart line. The desire to live could be motivated by an urge for intellectual pursuits. This will be reflected by a strong head line more predominantly developed than either the line of life or heart.

However for an individual to feel more at peace, it is best when the three major lines are equal in length and strength. This reflects that a degree of harmony has been achieved as no one line is imbalancing the other two. If the heart line is predominant, then the sentiments will play an important role in the person's life. However, if the head line is not strong enough to keep the individual centered, the emotions may confuse, rather than inspire, the individual to express creatively. If the head line is strong but the life line is weak, there may not be enough energy to consistently endure and persist in accomplishing one's goals.

Fortunately from the hand prints an analyst can recommend to an individual how to balance the energies of the major lines. If the head line is dominant then the person will need to concentrate on developing sweetness of heart. If the life line is dominant and the head and heart lines are weak, the person must find a creative outlet where they can direct their energy. A comparative analysis of the 3 major lines in both the active and inactive hands, will help the individual understand in what areas of life progress is being realized and in what other areas greater efforts have to be made.

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