Understanding 2 Getting Caught Is Bullshit

One of the more common challenges new students bring up is the fear of "getting caught". Some students believe that using patterns is somehow like committing some kind of minor crime, like picking a girl's pocket or stealing her purse.

Remember, you can only fear "getting caught" if you view what you are doing as something wrongful or damaging.

What you need to understand is this: using patterns is not taking something away from her. You aren't stealing her wristwatch; you are giving her something wonderful. A chance to experience feelings and emotions and states of mind/body that very, VERY few people can ever give.

You need to believe that what you are offering to give has value, even if at first you aren't the smoothest in the delivery of it.

Look at it like this; if she had polio and YOU had the vaccine, would you feel nervous, guilty or shameful about telling her, "Hey?c'mere?.you really need what I have?".

Well, so many women, no matter how beautiful, are suffering from a disease far worse than polio. It's the disease of the expected?the hum-drum?the "used to that already". And you, my friend with the patterns and the understanding of women they give, are the cure for that and perhaps the only cure she will ever find.

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