Understanding 4 Feelings Before Words

So many students have told me: "Ross, the patterns seem so foreign to me. They just don't seem like they are me."

What's usually going on for these beginners is that the patterns are descriptions of experiences they themselves have never imagined or had. So naturally, they just seem like they are reciting empty words with NO meaning. These poor guys are so focused on memorizing the words, they haven't put any focus into getting some of the feelings.

You see, if you have never had a "peak experience" and haven't even imagined having one, it is pretty hard to sound convincing or to be captivating talking about it. It's just empty words with nothing to back it up. Sort of like the Japanese singing duo from the 70's, "Pink Lady". These two lovely Japanese girls understood not ONE word of English. But they were a big hit on the talk show circuit, singing English songs which they memorized purely by sound, the joke being how they obviously did not understand one single syllable of what they were singing!

The solution here, if this is your problem, is to focus, in the beginning, NOT on memorization, but on imagining for yourself the experiences the patterns describe. Imagine for yourself what it would be like to feel an incredible connection, a peak experience, the excitement and body sensations of "parts" of the Blow Job pattern, etc. etc.

As you read through and listen to patterns, imagine having the experience for yourself, and get at least some of the feelings you want to convey to the women you wish to seduce. Notice I said "some" of the feeling; if you get all of the feelings as intensely as you wish her to feel them, no one will have their hands on the wheel! Just get a bit of the feeling; enough to let that feeling guide the expression of your words.

In this way, the patterns serve to expand who you are. To give you experiences and to cause you to take notice of experiences that before might have gone [Image] completely by. As you expand who you are and how you experience your world, the bonus is you not only become better at patterns, but a more rounded and balanced human being who will naturally be more appealing to women by virtue of who you are and what you experience as well as by the words you know to say! Your success with the material will grow as you grow as a man.

Remember this very important principle: In life, you will not get what you want. You will not get what you "deserve". You will only get what the energies you can create can connect with.

Therefore, learn to create new and different energies for yourself by the experiences the patterns can give to you. Understanding #5: The Importance Of Themes

If you want to learn to naturally flow from one pattern to the next it is important to understand and use themes. Themes are simply overall ideas that tie patterns together.

Consider the metaphor of a strand of pearls. The theme is the string that holds together the pearls, which are the patterns.

There are many, many themes which are likely to lead to a successful seduction. Among my favorites are: *Different places in the mind

*What we are used to wanting; what we THINK we want versus what would truly deeply fulfill us. *Permission to explore

*Connections(with each other, with those deeper places in the mind, with our dreams, hopes, goals, wishes) *Indulgence

As you go through the patterns in the course, notice how you can tie them together under one or more of these themes.

One way to look for a theme is to examine a group of ideas or things and see what they overall have in common. For example, in the following list:

* Disneyland

* Magic Mountain

* Sea World

* Six Flags

What are they all examples of? What do they all have in common? Yes, they are all places for fun, rides, attractions, crowds. Those are all elements they share. But overall, they all belong to the category of things called amusement parks.

So when you want to link one pattern with any other, find some overall experience or thing of which they are all examples.

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