Understanding 7 How To Practice Pattern Flow

Ideally, you want to be able to flow from any one pattern to any other pattern. Just as in a boxing match, you want to be able to throw combinations instead of one punch every round, so too once you have a woman going with Speed Seduction you do NOT want to stop until you get your outcum? er? ah? OUTCOME.

Therefore, practicing pattern flow is vital!

One good way is to take the last sentence of any one pattern. Then come up with a linking or transitional phrase like, "It's just like" or "Another thing about that is this" and then the first sentence of the next pattern you want to use. Write these out in long hand and then, most vitally important practice saying these in sequence, out loud, so you know you can transition when you need to.

Do bear in mind that OUT LOUD practice, in the right state, with the right tonality and tempo is VITAL! The patterns are meant to be spoken, not written, so merely writing them is NOT sufficient practice!

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