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Actually, dates should be an exclusive reward and privilege of those girls that you're already sleeping with. But if you still decide to take her on a date before that, don't make it a date, say that you'll just get together. And make sure she pays for her coffee/drink/food. If she refuses, eject her - she was only interested in a chump who would buy her food/drinks. You can however suggest paying for rounds of beer/coffee in turns - for example, you'll pay for the first round, she the second etc.

If you still insist on doing the classic date, here's a bit of advice (DD):

"End the date before she does. You've gone to a movie and are now having a bite to eat at a restaurant [make sure she pays for her movie and for her meal; you don't want to be wasting your money until she has expressed her interest in you in a most convincing fashion - has had sex with you:)]. Instead of letting the date drag on to that awkward time when she finally says she has to go home, maintain control of the evening [you should be running patterns here, getting kino, making her feel connected to you, getting her horny and wet etc, but this whole dating advice is obviously intended for those lacking the appropriate skills:)]. While the conversation is still good, while the date is still going well, announce that it's getting late and it's time to go. Tell her that you enjoyed the evening [what a lie, your goal wasn't to stuff your stomach and see a movie, your goal was to tongue her down, make her horny like she'd never been and give her the orgasm of her life:)] and that you are looking forward to getting together again. This is going to surprise her, since every other guy thinks, that by some miracle, if he hangs on long enough that maybe he'll convince her to have sex with him [exactly, because "hanging on long enough" will accomplish nothing, but you should know better:)]. If a girl wants to have sex with you, she will let you know [and if you've done her right and can read her signs, then she has already given them to you:)]. So if you haven't gotten these vibes, end the date while it's still going well [but in fact if you haven't gotten those vibes in spite of all your advanced seduction attempts, you should have ejected her a long time ago:)]. You'll set yourself apart from the other guys she's used to [no you won't - they didn't get any and neither did you]. You demonstrate that you are not easy to get [or you'll demonstrate you're a chump and a wimp like "all the other guys"]."

But honestly, avoid the whole dating thing. There are a zillion other ways to get to know to a girl than going on a "date". Do sports together, rent a movie (mmm:), have a cup of coffee, whatever, just avoid a "date". Get together - YES! Go on a date - NO!

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