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Estonian translation

Ross Jeffries (adapted and updated):

"One of the best approaches I've ever used for meeting women is just to be incredibly direct, but also VERY low key. This combination exerts an almost HYPNOTIC fascination. So, for example, if I spot a woman I find attractive, in a low-key, but direct way, I'll walk up to her and say,

"Excuse me (you're not really excusing yourself for making her feel really-really good in just a moment, you're giving her a command to stop whatever she's doing and pay attention to you, you can alternatively use "Forgive me for interrupting you" telling her to interrupt her train of thought and focus all her attention on you, seemingly in order for her to be able to determine whether or not to forgive you:), I just wanted to tell you (pause a second or two for effect...they will begin to wonder "what???..

what does he want to tell me?") I think you're absolutely stunning and I really wanted to meet you. (Pause again)"

""My name's " I then extend my hand and shake theirs!

What makes this approach work?

• You are being DIRECT, with no excuses or apologies. This RADIATES confidence.

• It's done LOW KEY! I talk rushing I'm radiating, affinity, warmth and relaxed power instead of need or horniness.

When you do this, it doesn't matter that a moment before she was obsessing on that overdue bill or her yeast infection. You've got her attention BIG TIME!

Now you can put her on a "sense of adventure" test by using a little intrusion. What does this mean? need to intrude SLIGHTLY...and I do mean S-L-I-G-H-T-L-Y on her personal space; not so much that she pulls back or runs or slaps you, but enough to make her wonder and get a bit excited. How do you do this? Well, when you take her hand to shake it... DON'T LET GO AFTERWARDS!!! Keep holding on as you continue to talk to her, looking straight in her eyes. Will SOME women pull their hands away? YOU BET! Maybe 30 to 40%. But never mind that. The one's that keep holding your hand for a moment longer though. have passed your "sense of adventure" test:) You have made them already slightly attracted to you in some 5 to 10 seconds from first meeting you:)"

The effectiveness of this approach is however limited with mostly 7s and 8s. The really absolutely stunning women will most probably not the too phased by the "you look absolutely stunning" line. Also keep in mind, that this approach is a two-edged sword - it is powerful and direct, but it is also an obvious come-on. If she likes this approach, you've propelled yourself in her direction a great deal. If however this is not the case and she thinks you're a pathetic supplicator (depends on how you deliver it though, try to follow Ross Jeffries' suggestions of being low-key but confident and direct) then you've probably propelled yourself much more further away from her - in which case a casual "we've known forever" or a neg approach might have worked better. Have no despair though, you'll learn from experience.

Update. Once again, the following is an example of major supplication and might not work on the best looking women (see "Neghits explained" for more information on that), but then again, it might, and especially as it is so quick and easy, you better use this as opposed to having done nothing at all:)

The corny line approach. Speed Seduction newsletter, Ross Jeffries: "I was doing some errands in a local mini-mall when I spotted an unbelievably hot-bodied woman in tight-fitting work-out outfit. As she was leaving the yogurt place with her double combination vanilla/chocolate swirl, I said, "Excuse me, has anyone ever told you you're a shining example of physiological/genetic perfection?"

Her response of course, was to laugh and say "Thank you... no, you are the first!"

I then USED her laughter response by saying, "Well, I'm glad you laughed. Because although you really are breathtaking, and I wanted to get a glimpse at the personality inside of the beauty before I introduced myself. My name is Ross".

I then invited her to sit down while we enjoyed a brief hand-writing analysis. But notice here, that I mentioned and USED the fact that she laughed as a way of establishing that I was looking for MORE than her physical beauty."

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