Day 3 Special Guests And Meeting Women Online

Section 1: Meeting Women Online

Seminar Slides

Meeting Women Online

• Chatting, starting conversations.

• Designing great profiles.

• Personal ad response.

• Personal ad writing.

• How to test photographs.

• [Personal ad newsletter]

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Profile #1:

Member Name:Man Of Adventure, Of Course... Intelligent, ark. Successful, Strong, Sexy, Funny, Late 20s... You've met your match

CA, California, Kali, Bel Air, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Hermosa, Manhattan, Venice, Malibu, UCLA. What's better than a rich doctor, lawyer / attorney, or athletic sports star7 Read on... have a picture and be exceptional if you IM me..

Two eyes meet across a crowded room. You feel the tingle go up your spine as your back instinctively arches, and your lips send a smile back to the stranger. But the eyes don't look away. You are being watched, and you love it... That feeling of excitement and electricity starts in your stomach. A combination of arousal and that sinking feeling... The one you get when you imagine the tender passion of his kiss on your lips. Personal Quote:As he begins to walk towards you your veins flood with emotion. Your heart begins to pound. Something incredible is about to happen. If you will only take the next step and SAY HELLO to him...

Your SfeMCMte Your Your



Sex: Male Hobbies:

Computers: Occupation:

Profile #2:


Member Name:if you have major baggage, are sexually repressed, or have issues with men, please don't contact me...

CA, California... Hollywood Hills, Near Bei Air, Santa Monica, Downtown, Venice, UCLA, Etc. December 1970 Male

Birthdate: Sex:

Marital Status:Start The Fantasy And Adventure

Hobbies: YOU:

ME: Happy, goodlookmg, healthy <singie at the moment...» Smart, clean, goodlooking & a nice bod. I enjoy touching, romantic dinners, beach, travel, adventures, sensual teasing and building anticipation (hours or days?), ...and I love unusual women..

I'm very preoccupied with mentally stimulating conversation, intense kissing 'electricity*, caressing, intrigue, fascination I'm not the doctor or attorney ...self made/successful...Got Pics? "You show me yours... I'll show you mine" No pics? Don't ask.

Personal Quote:l can recall when I first noticed how a woman's underclothing barely touches her skin, how it floats on a cushion of air. as she moves, how it floats about her body, brushing her body like angel s wings - was then I understood how a woman must be touched.

Computers: Occupation:

rOating r&KttnB

Seminar Slides

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Chat Openers:

Etoufcfc» Your noting tKaiW« Vour ti.ting Ctoubte To» Etetfms tHxi&tes v-our Uartm® tf>ut»i<» your C.*tmg Ooubl* wur tmeiryg

Chat Tips:

• Call her a "Brat" and "Bratty"

• Use funny nicknames

• Accuse her of probably being old, ugly, grossly overweight

• Tell her she has no life because if she did she wouldn't be talking to guys online

• Accuse her of secretly being a man

• Make fun of her typing, grammar, spelling

• Tease her about her profile

• Tell her to TYPE FASTER

• Say things like "Giddy Yup!" "Cummon Speedy", etc.

"<fuvowr Darting O'iirht'. Your tmting Goubfa* Tow Ttmtin^f

HER: you sound like a romantic

ME: " are like bananas, the older they get the less firm they are..."

ME: I don't think you're going to like me

HER: lol Hi

HER: Imao

ME: Hi there yourself

ME: Well, don't laugh all of your ass off

ME: I like at least a little ass on my woman

HER: I'm half german I got some ass alright =)

ME: Oh good

ME: Well stop laughing so you keep some

ME: Back at cha

HER: cute pic how tall are u?

ME: Just under 5'11

ME: Shorty

ME: You're too short for me, sorry

ME: So where's my picture of you?

HER: no pic sorry just liked your profile very creative

ME: Well then how am I going to know if you're the woman I've been looking for all my life?

HER: you won't =0) unless you see me I guess

ME: Well, then I guess it's my loss

HER: so, in other words you are perfect !

ME: If you say so

ME: That sounds like something I shouldn't argue with

HER: i suppose you cant argue the truth

ME: So are you my super model dream girl of AOL?

HER: you never know

ME: Never?

ME: That's a long time

HER: if you are mr. perfect shouldnt you have your dream woman by now

HER: a harem at least

ME: Yea

ME: I really should

ME: But I've been too busy working

ME: Can you help?

HER: what have you been busy working at?

HER: and what exactly do you need help with

ME: Working at making money... you know, to pay the bills?

ME: I need help with the harem idea that you had

ME: Do you know how to arrange these things?

HER: i know how to do many things

ME: What is the thing you're best at?

HER: there are so many things it would be impossible to isolate just one

HER: you could use your imagination

HER: i have been called worse

ME: You've probably also been worse

HER: see, you know me already

ME: It would seem that way

HER: How old are you?

HER: hehe

HER: sure you are

ME: OK, I'm 119, but I lie so hot women will think I'm younger

HER: hehe

HER: sure

ME: Read my profile

ME: You'll probably enjoy it

HER: It is a cool profile

ME: Why thank you, my smarty pants new friend

HER: Of course

HER: so whatcha doing for Christmas

ME: What did you have in mind?

ME: You must be a good time

HER: hmmm well depends on what you feed me lol

ME: lol

ME: What did you have in mind?

HER: What are you offereing?

HER: lol

ME: This just keeps getting more interesting by the moment

ME: It depends... how much do you weigh?

HER: read the profile hon

HER: under 120

ME: Whew

ME: Rule 1: Never take a heavy woman out to eat

HER: Who wants food

ME: Just had to make sure before we went any further

ME: It was a joke, Miss Shy

HER: lol

HER: too funny

ME: I've been called worse

HER: finally a normal man

ME: What are you talking about?

ME: I hope you're not calling me normal

HER: ok, ok I spoke too soon

ME: I take that as an insult

HER: what

ME: Do you have about 3 minutes? I need a female opinion on something

HER: sure

ME: OK, here's the deal... I have three or four pictures of myself in the computer, and I need a 'feminine' objective opinion about what they 'say' about me

HER: sure what's your name

HER: from where ? are they nasty pics

ME: Do this for me... I'll send one, then you give me three or four words to tell me your FIRST impression... gut instinct about me as a person, OK?

ME: They're normal pictures of me

HER: okay I trust u.if they are straight porn then I won't reply back

ME: You're funny

HER: the 1st was nice you look sincere

ME: And what does the second one look like?

HER: hold on let me check

HER: ohhhh very nice.better than the first!

HER: you look inviting in that bath tub or what ever it is

HER: hold on

ME: lol... I'm sitting at my computer on a hot day

ME: lol

HER: oh it looks like a bath tub I was using my imagination

HER: let me look at the next

HER: no not like that

HER: yes hold on

HER: no u look possessed

ME: lol

ME: Didn't mean to do that!

ME: lol

ME: What do you think of that one?

HER: k hold on

HER: ohhh very nice u look like a model

HER: what do you look like

HER: lol, what ever

ME: I have long facial hair and a hairy back too

HER: what do you really look like

ME: Read your mail

HER: not bad

ME: I don't recall asking for your opinion

ME: Brat

HER: brat? you mean bitch

ME: Bitches need to be slapped, Brats need to be SPANKED

ME: You're the latter

HER: lol

ME: So are you going to send me a picture?

HER: are you one of those guys that think they are the hottest thing alive

ME: Or do I have to drive down there and take one myself?

Reprint Of Newsletter:


[Note: This question starts with an interesting success story, and that's one of the reasons I chose it. Because of this, I'm going to discuss two different points in this newsletter... so enjoy!]


Date #1 was coffee. Date #2 was yesterday, and success came as a surprise. Here's why.

I understand the theory behind being cocky/funny, but from lack of experience, I couldn't quite start doing it on date #1. Now, on date #2 (same cutie), I somehow managed to do it a bit where opportunity arose. I also managed to avoid some direct questions, specially about work and family. But she seemed a bit distracted and I didn't quite feel a connection building. Worst of all: a Voice in the back of my head kept saying, "Man, you're just not doing this right; you're missing something; you've got so much to learn; back to the drawing board!" However, I *just stuck to the method.* No one overhearing us would have said, "This guy is funny as hell," but he would have said, "This guy has a sense of humor and is confident." We ate sushi, then went to a movie (A Beautiful Mind). Suddenly *she* started touching me while whispering comments. Afterwards, we got to kissing without even a kiss test! The only hard part was to cut it short with a "hey, you're fast!" and leave while still on a roll. THE WORD OF CAUTION to all fellow trainees: Don't listen to the Voice! Don't evaluate while on the date. Don't worry. Just have fun. Stick to the method. Boy was I surprised when this cutie suddenly was so warmed up I could smell the pheromones!

NOW FOR MY QUESTION to you, Dave. As practice, I answered some ten online personal ads, got two replies, but in both cases the girl dropped the ball. I realized that I did not apply any cocky/funniness in the emails. Should I? How to do it email? How is it different from in person? I'm unsure about the strategy here.

>MY COMMENTS: I'm really glad you wrote in, because you really hit the nail on the head and brought up points that I have seen and dealt with a lot... both in my personal experience, and when coaching guys in general.

A lot of guys have this idea that if they're not seeing "Instant results" that what they're doing isn't working.

In other words, if a guy says something that's cocky and funny, and the girl doesn't jump on him, he assumes that he made a mistake.

Even worse, sometimes women will respond to cocky/funny comments with the "I can't believe you just said that" look... to which a lot of guys respond with "Oh, um... I was just kidding".

Big mistake.

The best thing to do when a woman gives you this kind of look or response Is to SAY SOMETHING ELSE THAT'S EVEN MORE COCKY AND FUNNY!

Then, if she keeps actually objects to what you're saying in a "serious" way, you'll know that she's probably a cold fish and not going to be any fun anyway.

But in MOST cases, you'll find that the second comment either gets a laugh... or at least a "I can't believe you just said that" look.


I know that this may be hard to believe, but stop for a moment and think back in your own experience to see If this makes sense...

Now that I'm to a point where I could care less what a woman thinks of me, and I don't respond to these kinds of things by backing down, I find that women are FAR more attracted to me. Women simply are not ATTRACTED to men who kiss their asses.

And this is a great example of what often happens when you just stick to the program, and don't wuss out.

Now, on to your actual question...

Let's talk about how to deal with women when meeting them via the personals.

First of all, imagine what it's like to be a woman who's running a personal ad.

1) She'll get dozens of responses a day, in most cases.

2) Most of the responses are from desperate loser guys who make it very clear that they are not at all attractive.

3) Within a few days all of the guys seem to blur together into one big mass of exactly what she isn't looking for.

So let's play this out.

You're a woman who's tired of playing the dating game, meeting guys at bars, or whatever... and you think "Hey, maybe I should place a personal ad and see if I can meet a nice guy." So you get online and see an ad for a free trial at a personal ad site, and you go for it.

The first day of your ad, you get 35 responses. You're thinking "Wow, this is cool. I'm going to be able to choose between all these guys... there HAS to be a few good ones in here..." so you go to work reading through them.

The first one says "I'm a DWM, 45, two kids, looking for a SWF for a LTR "

You're so bored that you delete it thinking to yourself "I hope they're not all that boring."

Second one says "Hi, you're really hot. If you'd like to get together for some "no strings attached" physical fun, get back to me. I'm very into giving pleasure..."

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