Attraction And Honest Signals

• A female of the species can look at a fanned tail or a set of antlers and know INSTANTLY what she's dealing with

• Female HUMANS also look for these "Honest Signals"

• Aside from obvious physical traits (which aren't as important as "inner" traits like status, etc.) there are several "Honest Signals" that are both simple and not easy to fake

• A woman can look for these signals and know INSTANTLY what she's dealing with

• Most men do NOT demonstrate these traits, so a man who does demonstrate them (especially all of them) stands out like a beacon to an attractive woman...



Honest Signals

• Dominant posture

• Slow gestures and movements

• Strong eye contact

• High status

• Indifference

• Leadership

• Cocky Comedy

• Means



Telltale Giveaways


• Just like there are Honest Signals that are simple but not easy to fake which tell a woman that you're a man that merits a second look, there are also "Telltale Giveaways" that reveal your Inner Wussy and scare women off faster than you can say "I touch myself"

• A few of these include:

• Clingy behavior

• Kissing up to her and acting like a complete WussBag

• Communicating low status

• Calling too often

• Acting overly nervous or self-conscious around her

• The result of these "Telltale Giveaways" is an emotional response that I call "The Instant Ewwws"...

Imagine this: You've been drinking a bottle of water. At about half way through you put the bottle down just long enough to look over and see a big, sweaty, masculine guy you don't know pick up your bottle of water and take a big swig from it, then put it back down... and walk away. Or imagine going to buy a sandwich, and seeing the person making it start coughing into both hands loudly, then sneeze into their hands, and wipe their nose at the end... then go back to making your sandwich. How would you FEEL about taking another drink from your bottle of water or about eating that sandwich?

Now imagine that you're an attractive woman, and you have this same type of gut level physical and emotional response to MEN - ALL DAY LONG

A lot of guys ask me how they can change how a woman feels about them... and get her to feel differently by doing some magic technique


The Instant Ewwws

Of course, ifs usually a guy who's hung up on a particular girl and who has given her the Instant Ewws so many times that she doesn't even need to see him... the mere THOUGHT of him triggers the response...

But let me ask you - what would have to happen so you felt good about taking a good swig off of the water bottle that the sweaty guy just drank from... or what would have to happen so you just COULDN'T WAIT to eat that sandwich that was made with hands that were coughed into, sneezed into, and nose wiped onto?

Do yourself a huge favor... learn to send Honest Signals, and eliminate the behaviors that give women the Instant Ewwws

For extra credit, stop trying to get women that you've programmed to feel the Ewwws for you to fall in love with you - move on and save yourself and her the pain


Key Mistakes Men Make With Women

Ineffective Approaches

• Trying to get approval by giving it

• Calling, visiting, writing often to prevent the woman from seeing other men

• Giving too much, creating the imbalance

• Selling too far in advance

• Looking (prevents seeing)

Emotional Dangers

• Become jealous and afraid of loosing a woman that they don't even have

• "Sharing feelings" too early

• Allowing the emotional infatuation to trigger obsessive behaviors and communications


MoreH» G^J

Key Mistakes Men Make With Women

Bad Logic

• Thinking only in terms of marriage material

• Thinking that you're 'obligated' if they ask a woman


• Supersized Friendship process



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