Cocky Comedy Standards

• As soon as you hear a woman complain about something or being dramatic, make b reference to a stereotypical drama icon, such as a TV show, famous person, or character. Jf she says "I'm so upset! I just found out that one of my friends is talking to my ex boyfriend!' say "Wow, have you ever thought of going on Rickl Lake with that?". If she says "I'm sorry I'm late... my best friend called and I had to talk to her because she was really upset... she lost her job and then broke up with her boyfriend* say "Wow, I didn't know I was going to be the special guest on Molrase Place tonight...'.

• Act suspicious or everything she says and does. In an overly-dramatic way. Look at her funny while agreeing with her. Wrinkle your eyebrows while she's talking. Turn your head and look at her sideways with squinted eyes

• When a woman makes a comment to shock you, always turn it around and interpret It as something that she never Imagined...

• Reversing gender stereotypes, playing the victim of discrimination, saying "I'm not easy' and "And don't try some typical trick... just because you buy me a drink doesn't mean I'm going home with you" etc.

• Everything that Is a problem... that people fight over in relationships is GREAT to do, exaggerate, and make fun of, role pfay, etc. when you first meet a woman. Joking about it, teasing her about it, making fun of her, etc. says "I'm smart, funny, know the neurotic Issues that most people have, and since I do I'm not crazy like them' while STILL busting her balls and giving her a hard time.

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